Laverty Falls, Fundy Nat’l Park

Misty, gray morning. Drove the 7 km dirt road up to the Laverty  Falls trail head. Huge parking area – must be very popular in better weather. We had it to ourselves. And I’ve started taking photos of the map at the trailhead, just in case.

It’s about a 5 km roundtrip hike, heading downhill towards the falls, then trudging uphill back to the car. Wore our rain-gear, but it never did rain while we were on the trail.

And it’s a lovely trail, with nice trail markers, frequently enough. It had rained earlier, so the woods were damp and lush, with puddles and rivulets to cross. And an occasional boardwalk. Doubleclick any photo for full-size.


About 45 minutes in, you start to hear the low roar of the falls. Downhill the whole time, until the very end where you climb up a rocky ledge to reach the edge of the river/waterfall. Beautiful river tumbling towards you on the left, and you’re standing at the edge where the river plummets down to your right.

Follow the trail down along the river to the right, and you finally reach viewpoints at the bottom of the falls. It’s big, wide, full, wonderful!

IMG_6192 IMG_6193

We follow the trail and river a little more, over a 2-log bridge, then return to the best view. Savor a little more, then start the return hike uphill. We start passing other hikers with kids and dogs, on their way to the Falls. Amazing that we had the whole trail and falls to ourselves until the return. Stop off at Laverty Lake’s red chairs on the dirt road back out to the main park road.


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