Fundy Nat’l Park – Afternoon

After Laverty Falls, we stopped at the lawn above the cliff near the visitor center, full  high-tide view of the bay, with beautiful purple flowers. The cliffs rise out of the water at high tide.  Double-click any photo to see full size.

Then back to Point Wolfe Covered Bridge to see that at high tide. Wow – these tides really are impressive. From sandy valley between cliffs, with a little stream meandering through, we’ve got a full-of-water, cliff-to-cliff bay.

Next trail is to Herring Cove. Down stairs through the woods to the sandy shore.

Next trail is to Point Wolfe Beach – more stairs, and nice trail down to another open beach, with a small waterfall coming out of the woods forming the stream on the side of the beach.

Sun hasn’t set – we can fit in one more short hike to Dickson Falls, the most popular hike in the Park. We took the long steep route, which brings you down, down through the woods, lots of stairs and boardwalk, then up more stairs and boards along a cascade as the stream tumbles down over the rocks. Finally you reach the actual waterfall which is a great tall fall, which then divides into 3 streams as it hits the rocks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, back to our hotel where you can see the channel markers are now in the water – at low tide, they’re on solid ground!


And then, dinner! Lobster roll and salmon at the Boathouse Restaurant.




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