Cape Breton to Sydney, NS

Last breakfast at Castle Rock Inn, and enjoying the views before we head out for another hike. We can finally see across the water to the Middlehead peninsula and the famed Keltic Lodge.


backyard view to Middlehead


is that Keltic Lodge?


Yes, Keltic Lodge on Middlehead


Off to Middlehead – it’s about a 4km round trip through woods above the ocean on either side. When you reach the furthest point, with ocean all around, there are birds (cormorants, gulls, terns, red-footed guillemots) nesting on the nearby rocks, and waves crashing on the cliffs below. What a spot. Doubleclick any photo to enlarge.

One last spot before the loooong drive to Sydney. Black Brook beach, with a waterfall cascading down into the ocean. And a red chair on top of it. I don’t know if it’s called “Black Brook” because of the color – but I read that the brook is tannin-rich with plant material that colors the water brown-ish.

On our way from the National Park to the city of Sydney, we took a detour to visit the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site in Baddeck, where Bell built his summer home in 1885. What an impressive man – reading the timeline of his history and inventions was jaw-dropping. Just 29 when he invented the telephone, he continued inventing for another 45 years – sound and speech technology, phonograph, tetrahedral kites, hydro-airplanes, alternative fuels, iceberg detectors, metal detector. And the spot is lovely. The visitor center, and a monument, are shaped in triangles like his tetrahedrons. And there was a strolling bagpipe player.

Finally, past Bras D’or Lake up to Sydney, a cruise ship port with a giant fiddle to symbolize the local music – which we never heard. Only cover bands! The cruise terminal had a nice museum with displays about Cape Breton history, art, and culture, including the Indigenous Peoples’ fine art of creating wooden flowers.



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