NYC – Art and Architecture, Thursday

Started Thursday walking around Rockefeller Center – ice rink, Christmas decorations, art deco. Double-click any photo for a full-size view.

The Anthropologie store windows had decorations made from muffin cups, jello molds, whisks, spoons, fruit slices – a creative approach to christmas decorations.

IMG_6838 IMG_6839

Street art and architecture, including the historic Peninsula Hotel, built in 1902 as the Gotham Hotel, one of the first luxury skycrapers:

All that was just passing the time until Museum of Modern Art opened. Headed straight to the Picasso Sculpture exhibit. Great audio guide – we learned so much more about Picasso’s varied sculptural styles – using clay, metal, cardboard, even other people’s trash, like his “found object” Bull’s Head, made from a bicycle seat and handlebars, then painted silver. Then on to painting, where you can see Picasso’s early painting of women followed by his famous cubist women in Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

Of course, MoMA has so much more – Picasso paintings, Matisse, Monet’s water lilies, Chagall, Wyatt, Jackson Pollack, and an exhibit on industrial design.

Times Square – waited at the TKTS booth over an hour for 1/2 price tickets. Great people- and advertising-watching. More sightseeing, dinner in Times Square, and a Broadway show – Something Rotten was so much fun.

Something Rotten was laugh-out-loud funny, poking fun at Shakespeare and Broadway. If you like either Broadway or Shakespeare, go see it!


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