NYC – Saturday morning

Saturday morning in NYC, finding lots of public art from murals to Christmas trees, a hidden cemetery, and coffee shop mosaics. Double-click any photo for full-size.

Explored old historic streets in NoHo (North of Houston St), with Merchant House,the only remaining fully intact 18th century home, furniture included. And Colonnade Row, townhouses linked by their columned facade, on Lafayette St.

Across from Colonnade Row is the Astor Library, the original basis of the NY Public Library, now the home of the Public Theater/Shakespeare in the Park. In between, it was the home of HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, founded in 1881. The chandelier is an ever-changing word-art light, displaying words from Shakespeare on the lighted arms.

Window washers with a sense of humor:


On to the Astor Place subway station, with its Beaux Arts entrance, and plaques depicting beavers – an homage to the fur trade, source of John Jacob Astor’s wealth.

The Astor Place area is home to Cooper Union, with old and modern, and quirky Stuyvesant st.

On to St. Mark’s in The Bowery – an historic church that is also home to  art performances. Petrus Stuyvesant, Governor of New Amsterdam, built his family’s chapel here in 1660. The current church was completed in 1799. A 1978 fire nearly destroyed the entire building, but it’s been restored with a mix of old and new. It has a long history of serving social justice, and the arts – Kahlil Gibran was on the St. Mark’s Arts Board in 1919. Dance, poetry, film all have a place at St. Mark’s.

Next we’re off to Union Square, full of sculpture, a farmers market, and a holiday market. And the first signs of SantaCon, the city’s annual pub-crawl in holiday garb.



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