NYC – Saturday PM

The Flatiron Building, one of the 1st NYC skyscrapers, built in 1902.


The Flatiron points to Madison Square Park, where the Santa-Con crowd is revving up. The park is bordered by some great buildings, including  Metropolitan Life with its clock tower from the early 1900s – now a boutique hotel. Double-click any photo for full size. 

Enjoyed  Teresita Fernández’s sculpture, 500 running feet of golden, mirror-polished discs as canopies above the pathways. The statue of Admiral “Damn the torpedoes” Farragut is by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and the base is by his friend and serial seducer Stanford White. [see “Trial of the Century“]

Across from the Park is the Appellate Division Supreme Court of NY, with a Holocaust Memorial built into a corner. The memorial, with its model of the Auschwitz death camp, reminds us that “Indifference to Injustice is the Gate to Hell.”

When they built the Beaux Arts Courthouse, completed in 1899, 25% of the cost went to adorning it with sculptures – a number by Daniel Chester French. Roofline includes statues of law-givers – Confucius, Moses. Some of the statues have powerful captions. “Every law not based on WISDOM is a menace to the state.”

Final view of the Flatiron, through multiple arches:


More walking, and we pass a huge hulk of a what-IS-that building – ah, it’s the Armory:

Street scenes and Gramercy Park – a private, locked park. Only the neighbors have keys. Gramercy has a giant stabile sculpture by Alexander Calder, and a statue of the actor Edwin Booth as Hamlet. Across from the Park is the Players Club, founded by Booth, in 1847 as a social club for actors.

As the sun sets, the sidewalks are packed with SantaCon pub-crawlers. Some are already crawling. We head back to our neighborhood, casual dinner, then out to Rockwood Musical Hall for Crystal Monee Hall‘s great standards-style with lots of Christmas music.

I think we walked/saw enough for one day.




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