NYC Sunday, 12/13/15

Checked out of the Comfort Inn, and headed up to Penn Station – did you know you can check your luggage for the day if you have Amtrak tickets? Then back down to explore SoHo architecture. Many sidewalks have glass-block  sections, to let light into basement rooms. One building had the first commercial passenger elevator. The neighborhood has the world’s highest concentration of cast-iron buildings, built in response to the constant fires. Turns out, cast-iron isn’t quite fire-proof. But the architecture is gorgeous. Oh, and the “Donald eres pendejo” stencils were all over. Double-click any photo for full-size.

On to Chinatown and a shrinking Little Italy. Hey, TB12 advertising, even in NYC.

Most Precious Blood Church, on Mulberry St, has a chapel with a replica of the statue of Mary at Lourdes, and an amazing mountain of a Nativity scene, with Italian village scenes up and down the mountain.

On to historic Lombardi Pizza, and St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, where the baptism scene in The Godfather was filmed.

Around the corner in NoLita is the Puck Building, with it’s statue of the imp Puck from Midsummer Night’s Dream, former home of Puck Magazine.


Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park. With temps in the 60s, the crowds are enjoying the Park’s performers, 2 weeks before Christmas.

Uptown to the JP Morgan Library & Museum. Amazing buildings, jaw-dropping collection.

Bryant Park, on our way to Amtrak and home.


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