Newport, RI – Saturday, 12/26/15

A quick trip to Newport, with its gluten-free gingerbread lighthouse, and a take-a-kiss-perform-a-good-deed chair.

Did an overnight at the America’s Cup Inn on Thames St. Great walk-to-most-everything location, plus buffet breakfast and high tea. Thames St can be noisy, though, as cars rattle over the cobblestones, and patrons hang out by the nearby pubs. If you’re busy enough during the day, you’ll sleep through it at night. I’d stay there again.

The Breakers! The largest and most opulent Gilded Age “cottage” in Newport. Cornelius Vanderbilt II told his architect Richard Morris Hunt to make it fireproof, make it fast,  and make it the best. Unlimited budget – 70 rooms, marble, mosaics, and rare woods from all over the world. The footprint of the house itself is one acre. Every room was decorated for Christmas – making it harder to see all the gold, crystal, platinum, and marble decorations. Stunning.

Back for Tea and strolling around downtown before settling on the Red Parrot for dinner.



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