Vernal Pool trail at Moose Hill Audubon 2/28/16

Love having Moosehill Wildlife Sanctuary nearby – Mass. Audubon’s oldest sanctuary, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year #MooseHill100. With 1900 acres, and 25 miles of trails, we’re still finding sections of trail that we’ve never hit before!

Took the Vernal Pool trail, just off the far corner of the parking lot, and stopped to admire that big ol’ tree with the circle of tree-stump seats (TreeHenge).


Just past the tree are patches of snowdrop flowers (Galanthus ), already in bloom!

Spring’s a-coming! We continued along the trail, and did not take the left onto Pepperbush Loop since it’s not on the map we’re perfectly capable of getting lost in our back yard. Followed the Vernal Pool Trail loop past pools of icy water – no tadpoles visible yet. I love how the trail bed changes from carpets of pine needles to carpets of crunchy oak leaves, to just plain dirt and mud.

We continued on the loop, which came to the other end of the Pepperbrush Trail – now that we know where it leads, we took the left, and came to a swampier area with a few boardwalks over streams and mud.

Hmmm… if snowdrops are in bloom, and we’re in a swampy area, shouldn’t skunk cabbage be starting to peek out of the mud? Yes!


Continued on the Pepperbrush Trail, which soon forked to a signpost with a map of the #Trustees Moose Hill Farm.


So now we’ve left Moose Hill Audubon and we’re on the Trustees of Reservations Farm, on the yellow Marsh Trail – a new trail for us!!! And it is marshy to our right, with a very loud Canada goose honking at us, and the powerlines beyond the marsh.


We followed the trail, found some colorful fungus, and made our way back to that first Pepperbrush Trail sign, and on to the parking lot.

Leisurely hiking time: about 90 minutes.


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    gaurav1729 said,

    Nice photos! Moose Hill is one of my regular haunts, and for lots of photos of it, please see

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