New Orleans – Po’boys ‘n Pudding 5/13/16

Busy conference day included a shrimp po’boy at Johnny’s Po’boy.


I don’t see the attraction. Even a “dressed” po’boy is just a sub sandwich, but with very little in the way of “dressing” – just mayo, lettuce, tomato. No pickles, onions, peppers, mustard. Yes, the bread is very nice, but…. it’s an awful lot of bread.

After the conference, we headed up to our final hotel, the 504 (named for the area code. Walked around the neighborhood, where we met Simon Bolivar, a gift from Venezuela.


Headed back down Canal St and walked through the casino.


and off to explore on our way to dinner. This is “David” by Israeli artist Boaz Vaadia:


Dinner was at Mulate’s, “the original Cajun restaurant.” Lively music, with folks dancing, and fantastic food.

This is Mulate’s catfish with crawfish etouffe, jambalaya, and twice-baked potato:


Here’s the Shrimp Triple-Play – fried, grilled, and au gratin:


But the best treat of the evening, maybe the whole trip, was Mulate’s Bread Pudding with Butter Rum Sauce a la mode:


It’s gotta be hard to keep a healthy weight, when you could get this a few times a week (or day).






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