Cruise to Boston Light – 6/8/16

Got the chance to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of Boston Light, the National Park Service’s Centennial, the 30th Anniversaries of Cruiseport Boston and Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, and the 20th Anniversary of the creation of the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park, on a cruise aboard the Provincetown II.

It’s amazing how the Boston waterfront has changed in that time. This is the site of the famed Pier 4 restaurant, being turned into condos (of course):


It wasn’t that long ago that the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) was a solitary building in a wasteland of parking lots. Now it’s dwarfed by all the new office and condo towers, restaurants, and even more construction cranes in a neighborhood with a fancy new name – Seaport district!


Here’s Legal Sea Foods’ Quality Control Center. Doubleclick photos for full size:

Castle Island, to which the British regiments evacuated following the Boston Massacre:


Long Island, with Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston‘s Camp Harbor View:

This beacon sits on what’s left of Nix’s Mate island, which was quarried for ships’ ballast during the 1600s. The corpse of executed pirate William Fly was chained and two other pirates buried here in the early 1700s. How’s that for a warning?! At low tide, there’s a little more land to see, but this is high water:

Deer Island’s waste treatment plant:


Approaching George’s Island, home to Fort Warren – fantastic tours:

Happy birthday, Boston Light!

Celebratory cruise photo:

Group photo

RJ portrait

Sights along the return trip to dock, including the other side of George’s Island and Fort Warren:

The Narrows:


More Deer Island – hadn’t noticed the wind turbines before:

Sailing the inner harbor:

Stopped to visit Sam Adams at the Boston Tea Party museum:


and checked out the art installation across the street:


“Oh, yeah, Boston, you’re my home.”





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