Westport, MA 6/18/16

Oh boy, is Westport a great place to visit. On the ocean, between Fall River and New Bedford, its most famous landmark is Horseneck Beach. But the lesser-know spots are delightful, and much less crowded.

We started our day at the Westport River Winery, a stop on the Coastal Wine Trail of southern New England, where the climate and soil are ideal for vineyards. Fascinating free tour of their Champagne-making process, using the old French Methode. Lovely spot, and they host Friday evening concerts, too. Doubleclick to enlarge any photo:

This is how they graft new vines – covered in wax to protect the grafting wound. They’re already sprouting leaves.

IMG_7959 IMG_7958

After lunch from a fancy food truck at the vineyard, we headed over to the Allens Pond Audubon Sanctuary – one trail along the ocean, others along the pond. Perfect weather, perfect vistas, even wildlife. Audubon with waves – what a treat!

The loop back from the beach skirts the piping plover nesting area, and takes you along Allen’s Pond.

The big rock island in the middle of the pond is a resting spot for seagulls, cormorants.

Looped back onto another section of beach:

IMG_7992 IMG_7993 IMG_7995

A different section of Pond trail led us to an egret, and, in a shallow stream, fish and crabs:


Crabs! and a bird with blue on the wings.

IMG_7997 IMG_7998 IMG_8001

This was one of those joyously-moved-to-tears-everything’s-a-miracle moments.

And the beauty just kept on coming. Another section of trail skirts more of the Pond, with stone walls, viewing platform, boardwalk.

Rainbow grasses:

rainbow grasses

We had some time to spare, so headed to Gooseberry Island.


The whole reason for the daytrip to Westport was to attend the Log Cabin House Concert with Greg Trooper, my 2nd favorite singer-songwriter from NJ. The hosts of the house concert are long-time Sharonites, so lots of connections, lots of folks we’ve met (or should have) on the house concert scene. The home and gardens are another treat:

And to cap off the day, Greg Trooper:


Absolutely perfect day and night – every moment was just right. Easy drives, easy parking, free samples in the liquor store, never got lost or even took a wrong turn. Every sense had a great time!

My cup runneth over.


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