Brattleboro, VT – 7/9/16

Stayed at the quirky Dalems Chalet, then headed out to explore Brattleboro between the raindrops. Doubleclick any photo to enlarge.

Surprising volume of traffic for a little town of 12,000. Lots of organic, artisanal, natural-type shops. Not surprisingly, Brattleboro voted in support of a measure calling on the town’s police force to arrest and indict President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in 2008. I guess it was more of a referendum than a lawful authorization.

Walked across the bridge over the Connecticut River, into NH, enjoying the view along the way:

This is along the walk to the Brattleboro Food Coop, plus the local Boys & Girls Club:

IMG_8148 IMG_8147 IMG_8146

Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club

We toured the little Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, located in the beautiful old railroad station. Timely exhibits on Guns and photos of the not-yet-restored hospital buildings on Ellis Island. The exhibit on guns – Up In Arms: Taking Stock of Guns – included artistic presentations of guns from ceramic to fur-covered, plus a photo essay of gun-owners posing in their homes with their guns, and captioned with their reasons for owning them. Most believe the guns protect them, many simply enjoy the sport of target shooting. Only one said that there should be any limits on gun ownership. Fascinating.

Ticket booth play area

Ticket booth play area

gun cards

gun cards

The Gun exhibit was distressing, especially seeing portraits of adults, with their kids in the room, holding lethal weapons. The Ellis Island photos were uplifting, though. Beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty through broken dilapidated windows. The Save Ellis Island group is working to restore this hospital complex, which housed sick and quarantined immigrants.

And the view from the Museum:


And art museum-y sink in the ladies’ room:


Lunch at the Food Coop, then off to hike in NH.


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