Boston Literary Evening 8/3/16

Just a typical summer evening in Boston, the Hub of the Universe, the Athens of America, the New World’s original City on a Hill.

At the corner of Charles and Boylston Streets, across from that corner of the Boston Common, is a broad sidewalk with bistro tables for the Boloco restaurant.  A small statue, maybe 2/3 lifesize, with his back to the Common, is surrounded by plaques in the pavement with a variety of quotations carved in them, like this one:

The Bostonians are very well in their way. Their hotels are bad. Their pumpkin pies are delicious. Their poetry is not so good. Their Common is no common thing — and their duck pond might answer — if its answer could be heard for the frogs.  That’s some serious “editorial miscellany,” from the New York literary magazine Broadway Journal, 1845.


Who wrote that? This guy, with a raven:


and a Telltale Heart:


who was born to Boston Theatre parents nearby:


Speaking of theater, back on the Common was Commonwealth Shakespeare Company‘s free production of Love’s Labours Lost, ending August 7th:

IMG_8227 IMG_8228 IMG_8229

The fake Russians:


Laugh-out-loud funny, with slapstick, silly accents, bicycles, crazy dances, and mined for every bawdy joke to be found, and then some. We groundlings were delighted.


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