Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge, near Ft. Devens, MA – 8/26/16

Took a short hike along the Nashua River in Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge. We entered from Harvard, off Route 110, and parked near the boat launch area. The refuge covers over 1,600 acres and straddles about 6 miles of the river, so we saw just a tiny but lovely corner.

That sign with all those things you can do there? We did hear a lot of gunfire, but the shooting may have been coming from Ft. Devens, just across the river.

Stretches of the trail had boardwalks, but with this drought, they spanned crumbly dry dirt or weeds. The trail had a few informative markers, too, and views of the river from a high bank.

Love the way the pines reflect in the water:


steep river banks, built up by silt deposits:



The only wildlife we saw in this refuge was a toad who jumped in the river, and some mushrooms.

Nice hiking, flat, easy, a little buggy, and hardly anyone else on a Friday morning, just ferns in the woods.





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