Boulder to Moab, 10/17/16

The 350+ mile drive from Boulder, CO to Moab, UT takes over 5 hours while taking you through spectacular scenery, much of it hugging the calm Colorado River before it plummets through the Grand Canyon. The full moon was setting over the Boulder Flatirons when we headed out.


I70 is long highway that winds through steep canyons….


And gold mining country:


It reaches an elevation over 8,000 feet near Vail:

img_8770 img_8771

We headed down to Grand Junction, where the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers meet. The highway skirts Grand Mesa, the largest flat-top mountain in the world, about 40 miles long and covering 500 square miles:

img_8772 img_8774

We head into Utah, and turn off onto Route 128. Not quite the same views at the Route 128 that skirts Boston:

We saw prairie dogs scurrying across the road in the flat areas, then 128 started approaching the distant hills:


As we get closer, we see that the hills are red and rising up along the banks of the Colorado river. There are campgrounds along the river, with red cliffs rising across the river.

img_8779 img_8780

This is the view from the Dewey Bridge Campground:img_8781

The scenery kept getting more and more spectacular, rivaling the road through Zion National Park. And this isn’t even a National Park, just the Colorado River Recreation Area!

img_8783 img_8784

Towers of red sandstone that rival Monument Valley’s rise above the river:img_8785 img_8786 img_8787 img_8788 img_8789 img_8790

What a planet we’ve got here. If we don’t protect it, who will?


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    Mel & Suan said,

    Wow this reminds us of our roadtrip 8 years ago! We used Moab as a base to explore the parks all around. There are vineyards there too!

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