Canyonlands, Island in the Sky Overlooks 10/18/16

Still Tuesday morning in Canyonlands Island in the Sky section. We stopped to hike at overlooks along the side of the Grand View Point mesa. First was White Rim Trail Overlook:


White Rim Trail is a 4-wheel drive/mountain bike trail about 1,000 feet down from the mesa. It’s on the level of the white rock layer left by ancient seas that tops a lot of the monuments, and divides the full canyon cliff walls in half between the different layers of red rock. Our hike to view the White Rim starts out over these potholes which house tiny communities of plants and organisms that live out their entire life cycles before the tiny puddles from negligible rain/snowfall dry out in this high desert.


After craggy boulders, these looked like marshmallows:img_8889

Red dirt camouflaged lizard:



end of trail

end of trail

lunch view

lunch view


The next spot is Buck Canyon Overlook:

Next is the Green River Overlook, with a peek at the river:

img_8912 img_8918 img_8917

This is Cleopatra’s Chair. It’s probably more than 20 miles away in the Glen Canyon/Lake Powell area:img_8916

This is the long view towards Cleopatra’s Chair, clearly showing the white rock layer topping this Canyon:


img_8914 img_8913

It’s early afternoon, and we have one more hike left. Next post!




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  1. 1

    ralietravels said,

    We love Canyonlands but have not been physically up to the hikes. Great to see your pictures.

    • 2

      halperns said,

      Thanks, Ralietravels – we look for the hikes that are no more than 2.5 miles round trip and listed as easy. But there are so many 6 – 10 mile strenuous hikes. And so many gorgeous views from the observation points we can drive right up to. What a place!

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