Colorado River, Moab, UT 10/17/16

We closed out this amazing day with a sunset jetboat cruise on the Colorado River through the Canyonlands By Night and Day tour company. We had called to reserve their Sound & Light show, but they weren’t running it that night and suggested the Sunset Cruise instead – what a great choice (especially now that I’ve read this review of the Sound & Light show described as “Bigotry & Hate on the Colorado River” – yikes!).

Doubleclick any photos for full size views.

In this very dry season, the Colorado is only about 2 feet deep here, so our captain Andrew had to zigzag to avoid sandbars. His dry sense of humor added to the fun. We went about 20 miles downriver and learned more about the geology along the way. But the best part was the river, and the late afternoon “golden hour” sunlight.

We passed some arches along the way:

And people fishing, and… red rock walls!

There’s a stretch of high, straight cliffs known as Wall Street – it’s a rock climbing destination:


See the belayer holding the rope at the bottom, and the climber above?

img_8969Note the difference here between the sunny and shady sides.

We pass this sign for Indian Writing – pictographs (or petroglyphs?) high up on the dark square of wall to the left:


Close up:


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking through the front of the jetboat or over the wake at the back, the views are gorgeous:

img_8983 img_8984

Jug Handle Arch:

Every twist and turn provided new views, new play of light and shadow, and a few clouds stopped by:

Playing with reflections in the water:


These are my favorites:

And a few last views, including what might be a great blue heron:

Then back to their big dining hall for a “cowboy dinner” buffet. Funny, I was the only one who took a second plate just for the salads:


Clearly, the best part of this tour was the food for the eyes!


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