Needles, Canyonlands to Moab

The drive from the Needles section of Canyonlands National Park back to Moab, over 70 miles, offers great views along the way. These are all views from the car:


This landscape is so otherworldly – no wonder alien planet movies are filmed throughout the Colorado Plateau.img_9139 img_9140 img_9141 img_9142 img_9143 img_9144 img_9145

We stop to view and read about Wilson Arch, right on the highway.


The views continue on the highway:

img_9149 img_9150

Then comes Hole in the Rock, a kitchy tourist attraction featuring a 5,000 sq ft 12-room home built inside the red rock, starting in the 1940s.


It was closed when we arrived but we stopped to peer through the gates at the animal statues (promoting their exotic zoo):


The entrance to the home itself looks like an old glass and aluminum siding 3-seasons room:


The man who built this home was a big fan of President FDR, so he carved his likeness into the rock wall:


There’s a jeep up on top of the wall:


This was the one time in the Moab area when we caught that “golden hour” of late afternoon sun setting the red rocks aglow. I would have preferred a glowing landscape that was NOT painted with giant white letters, but it sure makes for an unusual sight!


Dinner back in town at the Moab Grille – varied menu, reasonable prices, and yummy trout and shrimp, with mashed potatoes and white gravy (like with biscuits) and a yam with cinnamon butter. That had to be 1/2 a stick of butter with cinnamon blended in. Do people really eat that much cinnamon butter?!


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