Massapoag Trail, off Belcher St. 11-12-16

There are all kinds of ways to get into the Massapoag Brook Trail in Sharon. This one is off Belcher Street, with a little bit of parking just before the Rod & Gun Club’s parking lot. You can take the trail to Devil’s Rock, or just enjoy the woods and stone walls.

img_9394 img_9395

Love these stone walls, even when crushed by falling trees.

And boardwalks, crossing drought-dried streams and formerly muddy areas:

Greens and browns, and good orange trail markings: img_9400

img_9401 img_9402 img_9404

Leaf litter carpet:


Always something to see, a new stage in the plant-life, new color combinations:

img_9397 img_9406

Fungi as floral still life:


Because the trail borders the Gun Club, you do hear gun-shots in the woods – not as peaceful as many trails. And there is this abandoned car hood, clearly used for target practice. img_9407



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