Borderland State Park, 2/20/17

Borderland State Park on the Easton/Sharon border offers lots of hiking trails, easy to navigate in winter. On this warm, melty day, the trails were pretty muddy/slushy, or what e.e.cummings called “mudluscious” and “puddle-wonderful.”

We walked to the 1910Ames mansion, all stone to  protect against fire.


The rock garden’s fountain is snow-filled.


and the trail down to the pool is snow-covered.

img_9564 img_9565

From the Ames mansion, we hiked along carriage trails then cut across a field to the Lower Leach pond and trail.

img_9568 img_9569 img_9570 img_9571 img_9572

Love this wooden deck with bench along the pond:


Cascade from the pond goes under a footbridge:

img_9575 img_9576

a kind gift:


The stone lodge is open, with fresh wood waiting to be lit in the fireplace. The lodge smells of recent campfires, and the rafters have birds nests.


This backview of the lodge gives a peek at the cast-iron bench at the pond’s edge, through the middle window.




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