Sunset Lake, Foxboro – 4/16/17

We’ve been to Sunset Lake in the F. Gilbert Hills State Forest in Foxboro a few times. Nice to get back into the woods, with streams leading down to the lake.

Trail down to lake edge:

There’s a nice variety of terrain here, almost like a natural amusement park – high flat trails, narrow sloped trails closer to the water, and then this steep path down – we called it the Thrill Walk. We’re looking back up from the bottom:

Then you get to Swampstock – where you’re crossing muddy stream, balancing on logs and rocks. No wet shoes – success!

The lake itself has three long sections, so it’s almost star-shaped – which makes circumnavigating take longer than you’d think. This is one of the spurs.

Climbed over a log, with a little help:

Met an old rock dude, with a tuft of green hair:

Didn’t make it all the way around this time – bushwacked out to the road as it was getting late in the day. But we passed this nice arrangement of stone walls.

And the remains of a stone cellar hole nearby – this must have been a homestead, before the forest took it all back:

Humans were here:


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