Morse St to Camp Everwood, Sharon 4-30-17

Parked at the wooden fence where Morse Street meets Lakeview Ave, Sharon. There’s a trail marker and map.

It opens onto a lush meadow, with trails branching off.

Branching left eventually brings you to the King Phillips Rock area. We headed towards the right into the woods where fiddleheads are about to unfurl.

And skunk cabbage is in full bloom.

A log blocks the trail, but is easy to step over.

Boardwalks cross the streams and swampy areas.

Beautiful stone walls:

Cushy moss-covered rock:

The trail leads right by some backyards:

Site of a small forest fire, or lightning strike:

Boardwalk crossing another brook:

Strange fungus:

We reached Camp Everwood:

Most of the Camp is across the street from Lake Massapoag:

They have this nice trail through the woods, towards the crosswalk to their beachfront:

This bridge crosses a big stream coming out of the Lake, a nice home for ducks.

Is that big stream really Canoe River?


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