Hale Reservation, Storrow Pond Trail 5/7/17

Hale Reservation is a private, non-profit educational organization that manages 1,137 acres of woodlands, including four ponds and over twenty miles of trails in Westwood and Dover, MA. Its motto is “Acres of Adventure.”

The essence of Hale Reservation can be found in Robert Sever Hale’s original desires for the organization he began in 1918 – “to provide education which will develop intelligent, capable and responsible citizens” and to use the land “so long as it is charitable and benevolent in nature.” Here’s the Hale Memorial Building:

The Storrow Pond Trail is pretty benevolent, with a good trail leading to a wildlife/pond viewing deck. The trail, and Storrow Drive in Boston, were named for James J. Storrow, an activist Boston Brahmin/investment banker who helped found General Motors, created the Charles River Basin as a public recreational area, and was the 2nd president of the Boys Scouts.

There are a well and chimney on either side of the platform:

Picnic tables along the dam that created the Pond:

Flow from the dam:

Bridging the dam’s sluiceway:

Below the dam:

Bizarre fungus climbing a tree stump:

We hiked an unmarked trail along the far edge of the pond, until we came to this bridge across the brook that fills the pond:

Not quite Monet’s bridge over his waterlilies at Giverny. But maybe Monet never saw this kind of bridge over skunk cabbage.

View from the bridge:

Sound and view from the bridge:

Great stone wall along the brook:

View back to the dam-side of the pond – note the cement dam on the far left:

The trail continues into the woods, and crosses under power lines:

Some of the features are marked on the trail, and some, like this camping hut, are not:

The trail continues:

to Noanet Pond, where the summer camps’ beaches are located:

Not beach season, so a goose took advantage of the quiet:

Crossed another stream, or the same one in a different spot, on the way to the car. Love that skunk cabbage in the middle:

We’ll have to try more trails at Hale Reservation.


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