Muir Woods 5/29/17

Left San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge:

We drive through the rainbow-painted Robin Williams Tunnel:

on the way to Muir Woods National Monument. Muir Woods has been protecting old growth coastal redwoods since 1908. Most of the redwoods in the monument are between 500 and 800 years old. The oldest is at least 1,200 years old, and the tallest is 258′. Redwood Creek runs through the valley, nourishing the trees.

“God has cared for these trees… but he cannot save them from fools. Only Uncle Sam can do that.” John Muir, 1897

The trails are beautifully groomed, and much of it is wheelchair accessible. It’s hard to appreciate how tall these things are – picture a 24 story tower.

United Nations Conference on International Organizations, meeting in San Francisco to sign the UN charter in 1945, met in this Cathedral Grove to honor the memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who had died just weeks before.

We were here:

Found a little resting spot along the creek, for trail mix and some words of tribute to the redwoods:

This is a detour around a section of trail that crumbled into the creek:

The trail back crosses the creek and climbs the cliff on the other side, so you’re looking down onto the creek, and the trail we’d been on.

Next stop, Muir Beach Overlook, with its WWII era stations to watch for an invasion:


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