About the Halpern Blog – 52 Sundays

Welcome to scenes from our hikes. Getting out in nature is so life-affirming, but so easily dropped to the bottom of the “to do” list.

How did this start? Well, when we hike, we take our favorite hiking sticks, some fruit, water and binoculars.  D’oh – let’s take the camera, too!  What to do with the photos?  Make a book (to jog our faulty memories – first working title – The Road to Dementia!  It’ll be a best-seller, but we won’t remember.)!

Plan #2 – Make a commitment to hike every weekend. With a goal of taking photos on 52 Sundays, we now have a to-do and better book title.  Get out there and appreciate.

We are choosing hikes within a 30-minute drive from home, mostly.  Audubon sanctuaries, Trustees of Reservations, and other local treasures.

Finding bliss and radical amazement.  Enjoy the blessings.

The Halperns

3 thoughts on “About the Halpern Blog – 52 Sundays

  1. Love this idea.. Nancy found it somehow and I think it is fantastic.. Will be coming to Beantown for work crap at the end of March (28-31) and would love to see you guys in person.

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