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Canton Audubon – 6/10/18

Just a quick hike on the trails at the Canton Audubon Sanctuary, and a visit into their Museum of American Bird Art. I like to take a photo of the map before hitting the trails.


Vernal pool: IMG_1432

Great trail markers (and we can still get disoriented):IMG_1433

Pequit BrookIMG_1434

Love this little sitting area:IMG_1435

Leaves are being eaten:IMG_1436IMG_1437IMG_1438IMG_1439IMG_1440

Wonderful stone wall:IMG_1441

Always something good to see here, on the trails and in the little museum.


This is Andy Warhol’s Bald Eagle, from his Endangered Species series:IMG_1442

A John James Audubon original:IMG_1443



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Borderland State Park, Northwest Trail, Sharon, MA 5/5/18

Love this trail into Borderland State Park, off of Massapoag Ave, just across from Mansfield St.

You start out on a zigzag trail up towards the main part of the Park, if you want to go that far. IMG_1335

That granite block by the side of the road marks the trail location, and space to park. The greenery is starting to pop along the trail:



Little flowers too:

The little buds almost look like green confetti floating:


The trail crosses a stream coming out of a pond:


The downstream side:


Just past the stream is a small rocky hill to the right where you can sit and look out at the pond:


and the wildlife:

We walked on a little ways till we came to the intersection where the Split Rock Trail heads off to the left:


Stone wall along the trail:


and boardwalk over a little swampy spot leading to a big rock formation – a glacial erratic?



Walked around to the left, and lo and behold, it’s the Split Rock itself!


Far side of the rock:IMG_1355

Looking down on the boardwalk from up at the top:


More splits on this side of the rock:


There’s a little garden growing atop the Split Rock:

Headed back, finding a plant with leaf buds in various stages of unfurling:

Back at the stream, we found a way in through thorns to get the babbling little waterfall as it pours out of the pond:


The trail seems even greener after a little while in the sun:


Almost at the street, and we pass this fallen tree which has become a buffet for critters:



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Nickerson Walking Woods Preserve 2/22/18

The Attleboro Land Trust manages Nickerson Walking Woods Preserve, about 1/2 hour south of Sharon. IMG_1287We took the outer loop trail on a day that finally felt like Spring. Mostly still grey/ brown trail, with only the pine trees and moss showing any green. The bare stems of the underbrush were just starting to bud; we feel a long way from leafing up.

Nice easy, flat, well marked trail. Muddy stretches were covered in mulch or had makeshift log bridges to keep your feet dry.

Good blazes show the way:

At the meadow, where they’re trying to re-establish bluebirds, we learned there are more conservation areas we can check out in Attleboro:

Enter the swampy areas, and boardwalks:


Notice how that boardwalk above neatly takes a turn to the right?

This boardwalk below was built differently, as though 2 groups were building different paths that they hadn’t planned to meet:



Crossing a stream:


The trail scoots through an odd tree formation, with a broken tree to the right:


Ice pond:


Fallen tree cleared from the trail:


Look at the pine sap that oozed out of the cut:


Not exactly redwoods or sequoias, but looking up still looks good:





Stone wall:

Fallen pine:


Another stone wall break:

Bottom of the multi-trunked tree:IMG_1317

Top of the multi-trunked tree:IMG_1318

Hole where another trunk used to be?IMG_1319

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Akaka Falls, HI – 1/5/18

Akaka Falls State Park is just 11 miles north of Hilo, featuring a .4 mile trail through tropical rainforest with views of 2 waterfalls.

The trail winds through lush vegetation, and includes stairs down to 100′ tall Kahuna Falls:

Kahuna Falls, from a not-great angle:

Continuing on the trail after Kahuna, you pass through banyan forest – or is it just 1 tree?

Akaka Falls – hard to get all 442′ in the photo:

Continuing on the trail, we find more little rivulets:

And back up at the parking lot, an orange (tangerine?) tree:

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Onomea Trail, Big Island, HI 1/5/18

The Onomea Trail was an unexpected delight. It’s just off the Old Mamalohoa Highway, about 10 minutes north of Hilo.

It’s a steep, but not difficult, trail down to Onomea Bay, with gorgeous plants and views along the way.

wild Bird of Paradise flowers


fuzzy piggy-back ride

At the bottom of the trail, you reach the Bay:

We found a broken-open coconut, fallen from one of the palm trees on the shore:

Best snack ever – ocean-salty coconut!

This rocky promontory provided more views:

with tide pools:

Back to the trail which crosses through the middle of the Botanical Gardens. We met the Garden’s security guard, a retiree who sits on a beach chair, reading and listening to music, where the Onomea Trail crosses one of the Garden trails. He seemed eager to chat, and  guided us to some of the plants inside the fenced off Garden that we could see along our trail.:

Past the friendly guard, the trail takes you down some stairs to the spot where the Onomea Stream reaches the ocean:

And views of the Twin Rocks formation:

We were there at low tide, so the point where the river meets the sea was somewhat obscured by the rocky sandbar, but what a beautiful spot.

Family photos!


Final view as we climbed back up the trail to the car:

I’m sure the Botanic Garden is wonderful, but this spot is natural and free!

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Moose Hill Farm – 9/16/17

A quick stroll at Moose Hill Farm, and a visit with the chickens and stone walls in the woods.

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High Rock Area, F. Gilbert Hills State Forest, Foxboro – 8/27/17

Here’s another great corner of F. Gilbert Hills State Forest in Foxboro, with hiking trails and an ATV trail:

Just beautiful woods, past a radio tower:

We’ve got most everything we look for in a hike – woods, walls, water. Some great stone formations, and old waterholes.

Trails are marked by signs, by blazes of paint, and by this cairn:

There are stone staircases up to a monument near the parking:

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